User agreement


1. Mediation in providing tourist services

  1. When providing services for booking flights and hotels, insurance and car rental services offered at the Portal (collectively referred to as “Travel Services”), we act exclusively as an intermediary. Therefore, our role and obligations are limited to mediation in connection with Travel services that will be provided by third parties, such as airlines, tour operators, hotels, insurance companies, car rental companies and other service providers (hereinafter referred to as “Service Provider” in each case).
  2. Consequently, an agreement for actual provision of Travel Services (for example, a contract of carriage, an insurance contract, a rental contract) shall enter into force directly between you and the relevant Service Provider. We are not a joint provider of Travel Services and are not a party to contractual relationship between you and the Service Provider.
  3. Using the Portal for purchase of Travel Services, you authorize us to negotiate with the appropriate Service Provider on your behalf, including the payment for these Travel Services, in order to ensure completion of a deal between you and the Service Provider. The price of actual Travel Services may include a fee for services provided by us as an intermediary when concluding an agreement between you and the relevant Service Provider.
  4. Responsibility for the actual provision of Travel Services purchased through Our mediation through the Portal is solely on a respective Service Provider. Acting as an intermediary, we do not accept any responsibility for the Travel services provided by the Service Providers, and do not make any representations or warranties (express or implied) regarding the suitability or quality of Travel services purchased through the mediation on the Portal. Any claims that you may have in connection with the provision or non-provision of Travel Services should be addressed to the Service Provider.
  5. If you have the opportunity to express special requests (for example, on provision of special meals, facilities for the disabled or places for children) when booking Travel Services, we will transfer your request to an appropriate Service Provider. However, we cannot be held responsible for whether the Service Provider is able to actually fulfill such wishes.

2. Our own services

In addition to mediation in acquisition of Travel Services, as
described in paragraph 1.1 above, the Portal also provides additional services
(not being Travel Services), the for which we take responsibility. To make use
of such additional services, you enter into contractual relations directly with
us. In each case, we definitely inform you about the scope of our services and
that we offer our own services, rather than just mediate in buying third-party
services. The content of our own services may change over time. When providing
additional services not stipulated in these Terms and Conditions, a detailed
description of such additional services, as well as information about our
prices and additional conditions for booking and use, are provided to you
during the booking process.

3. Valid contractual conditions

  1. These Terms and Conditions regulate the mediation of acquisition of Travel Services under clause 1.1, as well as the provision of our own services under clause 1.2.
  2. The agreement between you and a relevant Service Provider (clause 1.1.2) is regulated by the general conditions of a relevant Service Provider (conditions of carriage, transfer, insurance, etc.) issued by Service Provider. Such general conditions of a respective Service Provider will be communicated to you during the booking process. Since the conditions of Service Provider may include provisions on liability, cancellation, change of reservation and refund (if possible) and other restrictions, we recommend that you carefully read these conditions.


  1. During the booking process, you shall be provided with the necessary technical tools to detect errors in the information entry forms and a possibility of correcting them before sending your booking request. We recommend that you check all the information before submitting your booking. Requests for subsequent changes can be associated with significant additional costs.
  2. We may need to contact you, for example, in the event of a subsequent change in the acquired Travel Services. You must provide your exact contact information – phone number and email address. You should also constantly monitor receipt of our messages. You are also required to ensure that you receive our messages. We are not responsible if you do not receive messages from us for reasons that are beyond our reasonable control, including, but not limited to, the following: (i) you have given us an incorrect email address; (ii) your email settings do not allow our messages to reach you; or (iii) your email settings classify our messages as spam.


1. Conclusion of contract and revision of price

  1. After you send your booking request, we will confirm receipt of your request by e-mail. At this very moment an agreement for provision of intermediary services arises between you and us. If you do not receive such a confirmation within one hour from the moment you submitted your booking request and our operator does not contact you by e-mail or phone to report a problem, please phone to us to clarify the situation.
  2. As soon as the ordered tickets are drawn up, you will receive a confirmation email with ticket number. At this moment, a binding contract is concluded between you and a relevant airline (airlines).
  3. Ticket prices and availability are indicated directly by a respective airline. If the price of an airline changes for reasons beyond our control, after submitting a booking request, but before the effective date of the agreement with airline (as provided for in paragraph 3.1.2 above), the agreement will not enter into force and your payment will be returned to you in full. We can contact you and suggest that you accept the changed price during normal business hours, but no later than 24 hours after we become aware of the price change, or on the first weekday after these 24 hours.

2. Information of booking and transportation conditions

  1. In relation to flights offered at the Portal, we act solely as an intermediary. The contract of carriage shall be entered directly between you and respective airline, and we do not accept any contractual responsibility for whether or not your flight will be performed. Responsibility for performance/non-performance of your flight is solely on the airline operator.
  2. Before you make a booking, you will be presented the terms of the respective airline(s).
  3. Acting as an intermediary in acquisition of the Travel services provided by airlines, we do not guarantee provision of access to booking systems of these airlines. If necessary, we can act on your behalf in accordance with the agreement concluded between you and the airline. We may also ask you to contact the appropriate airline directly to receive information about the reservation, as well as to change or cancel your reservation.
  4. Below, in the form of a general overview, we provide information on the conditions of booking and transportation, usually applied by airlines in this or at least similar way. Nevertheless, any differing provisions of a respective airline take precedence over the general information given in this clause 3.2.4. Therefore, in each case, you should pay attention to the current conditions of the respective airline before booking.
    • Departure/check-in time
      Departure time is always indicated in local time. Arrivals on the next day are indicated in the schedule. The indicated departure time is preliminary and can be changed with notice shortly after issuing a ticket, for example, due to restrictions established by dispatch service, weather conditions or functional restrictions of the airline. You should know in advance the current departure time of your flight.
      You should also be on time for check-in the time of which is indicated by airline. Airlines have the right to refuse boarding in case of coming late to check-in. Please note: some airlines offer online check-in on their websites and charge a manual check-in fee at the airport
    • Combining separate tickets
      Combining two separate one-way tickets instead of buying one round-trip ticket is clearly indicated in the booking procedure. In case of cancellation, change or violation of air traffic, for example, as a result of strikes, and a change in the schedule, tickets are regarded independently of each other. The rules of each airline apply.
      Flights with different booking numbers are always considered as independent trips.
    • Air tickets with several segments / rules of use
      Your one-way or return ticket may consist of several segments. Under the terms of most airlines, such flight segments are used in a certain sequence. Otherwise, many airlines refuse to carry on subsequent segments of a flight (i.e. failure to use one segment of a trip may result in invalidity of the rest of a ticket). If a round-trip ticket is bought, failure to appear to flight to the destination may result in canceling a return flight ticket by airline.
    • Pregnancy
      Some airlines refuse to transport women with a period of pregnancy of more than 28 weeks at the time of a flight to or from their destination. If you are pregnant, you need to check with the airline and your doctor if you can go on a trip.
    • Children tickets
      Check with your airline for travel conditions with a child who does not have a separate seat. Typically, children 2 years of age and older require a separate seat, and children aged 0 to 2 years travel in the arms of an adult without a separate seat. If the child is 2 years old before the end of the trip, it is necessary to book a children’s ticket with a separate seat for the whole trip. Tickets for children under two years of age cannot be booked until the moment of birth, since the name and date of birth must exactly match the ones indicated in the passport. We do not reimburse expenses incurred if a ticket of the wrong type was originally booked.
    • Unaccompanied minors
      We do not provide mediation services when booking tickets for unaccompanied minors. Tickets for children under 18 years of age must be booked with an adult. Some countries and airlines refuse to accept children under 18 years of age who are not accompanied by a tutor-at-law. Please note that some airlines require that children under the age of 18 have a birth certificate with them.
    • Lost / damaged luggage
      Acting as an intermediary, we do not bear any responsibility for lost or damaged luggage. Any problems should be reported immediately to the airline representative at the airport.
    • Transit and overnight accommodation
      Ground transportation and/or overnight accommodation at the hotel during your trip is usually not included in the ticket price. You need to independently monitor the schedule of ground transport and prices.
    • Flight connecting time
      Standard tickets booked on the Portal have an approved connecting time. The time sufficient for a transfer from one flight to another is calculated by the airlines. If one segment of a flight is delayed, which leads to delay on a connecting flight, airline must help you get to your final destination (see 11.1).
      When booking individual tickets, airline does not bear any responsibility for delays that have led to delays in connecting flights. Therefore, you must independently verify that the connection time is sufficient and meets the requirements of airlines and airports. Any additional costs arising from missed connecting flights are not reimbursed.
      Standard tickets booked on the Portal have an approved connecting time. The time sufficient for a transfer from one flight to another is calculated by the airlines. If one segment of a flight is delayed, which leads to delay on a connecting flight, airline must help you get to your final destination (see 11.1).
      When booking individual tickets, airline does not bear any responsibility for delays that have led to delays in connecting flights. Therefore, you must independently verify that the connection time is sufficient and meets the requirements of airlines and airports. Any additional costs arising from missed connecting flights are not reimbursed.
    • Double booking
      Double booking means two or more reservations in the name of the same passenger on a flight of the same airline. If you have a double booking, airline may cancel the trip. This can also happen if bookings have been made through different travel agencies. We are not responsible for cancellation of flights by airlines and for refusal of airlines to refund funds in case they suppose double booking.

3. Airlines that are prohibited from working in the EU (“black list”). Please note that some airlines are prohibited from operating in the EU in accordance with the resolution made by the European Commission in close consultation with national air transport authorities. These airlines are prohibited from operating because they are considered unsafe or not adequately controlled by the authorities of their country.
You can find out which airlines are banned by clicking on the following link:
“Black List” (List of airlines prohibited to work in EU)

4. Change of timetable and flight cancellations by airlines

  1. Perhaps your contract with a relevant airline allows it to cancel or change your booking. We will notify you of any changes as soon as we know about them from airline.
  2. The departure time indicated on your booking confirmation may change from the date of booking to the date of your actual trip. In case of a change in flight schedule, we will notify you of this as soon as we receive relevant information from airline. However, we strongly recommend that you contact your airline no later than 72 hours before the scheduled departure of each flight to make sure that the flight (and any connecting flights) will be performed as scheduled. We do not control changes in the airline’s schedule and are not responsible for expenses that may arise as a result of such changes.

5.Changes and cancellations upon your request

  1. The conditions for changing booking (including changing the name of a passenger, destination and flight date) and refunds for cancellations are determined by a respective airline, which is your partner under a contract of carriage. As intermediaries, we cannot influence these conditions.
  2. If you want to change booking or cancel booking and return the money, and if the conditions of an airline allow such a change or a refund upon cancellation, we can submit a request on your behalf as an additional service. When booking additional services, you will be informed about the conditions and fees associated with provision of such services. You can also contact the airline directly.
  3. To allow us to deal with changes at your request, we need to receive your request no later than 24 hours before the start of a journey (only by phone).
    If you want to change your booking within a shorter time prior to a flight, we recommend that you contact appropriate airline directly.

6. Failure to come to a flight. You hereby authorize us to cancel booking for an unused flight on your behalf in case of your no-show or failure to come to a flight and present a claim to airline for possible refund on your behalf. We have the right, but are not obliged to do this, and you reserve your right to apply directly to airline with a claim for reimbursement in full.


Hotel services are booked through the Portal with mediation of
partnership with different companies and hotels. Guests must be at least 18 to
21 years of age at time of check-in (depending on individual hotel policy)
unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. For any hotel changes and cancellations please
contact 1-888-5050-777 or for local calls 587-7766-999


car rental service is booked through the Portal with mediation of different
rental companies.  If the driver does not meet the minimum age requirement in a particular
jurisdiction, the car rental will be denied. Also, please be aware that you
will need a valid driver’s
and a valid credit card for any car rental.Therefore,
all questions regarding the reservation and any requests for change or
cancellation should be addressed directly to the rental companies or please
contact us 1-888-5050-777 or for local calls 587-7766-999


The portal offers the opportunity to unite and combine several separate
services at your request (for example, flight + hotel). In this case, you
instruct us to act as an intermediary when booking various travel services from
different suppliers. Corresponding providers will definitely be presented to
you during the booking process prior to completion. If you combine certain
services, a travel contract between you and us is not concluded; instead, you
enter into several service contracts with each individual provider. At the same
time, we act solely as an intermediary in relation to each individual tourist


  1. The requirements to passports, visas and health conditions may change, and therefore you should clarify them in advance with the appropriate authority (embassy, ​​consulate, etc.) before traveling. You must make sure that you have a valid passport (for travel outside Canada, most countries require a valid passport for at least 6 months beyond your return date and, if necessary, a visa. Do not forget to take into account all transit points where you may also need a visa. Since it often takes some time to obtain a visa, we recommend that you apply for it in advance. You confirm that the spelling of all passenger names listed above are correct and is how they appear in their travel documentation. You understand that if any changes to the names are required after this booking is made, supplier imposed charges will apply. We are not responsible for customers who do not have properly formalized documents.
  2. Each destination point has its own requirements regarding entry formalities, vaccinations, etc., which may also depend on the nationality of a passenger. You need to get the relevant information yourself. Incidents resulting from non-compliance with such official rules are not deemed to have occurred through our fault. Therefore, we recommend that you always clarify the various formalities in force at the selected destination or countries of transit, as well as the time required to complete all relevant actions.


Payment for Travel Services is processed either by us (in cooperation with our payment service provider, which provides the opportunity of processing the payment), or the Service Provider. We draw your attention to the fact that in order to process a payment, we need to provide your payment information (such as credit or debit card details) to our payment service provider. All payment information of our customers provided to our payment service provider is stored in encrypted form in a secure server.
Depending on the booking criteria and additional services, payment can be divided into two separate operations: payment to us and payment to a Service Provider. The fee charged from you may not exceed the actual total price indicated on our website. In this case, the same security measures are applied.
To allows us process your payment, you need to ensure the availability of funds in a sufficient amount. If you encounter any problems with processing of your payment, we will try to process your payment again in cooperation with our payment service provider. If this does not lead to a successful debit of funds from your account, we will contact you as soon as possible for instructions on other means of payment. If we do not receive your payment in accordance with such further instructions, then we have the right to cancel your order.
Cancellations will result in a 100% penalty.Changes to bookings may result in 100% penalty, and/or an administration fee.
Fraudulence during payment
If we have reason to suspect fraudulence, we reserve the right to refuse to process such a payment. In case of suspecting a possible crime, you may be asked to provide evidence of the legality of a payment. Information about all types of payment fraudulence will be transmitted to police and collection agency.


Complaints related to provision of tourist services
Any complaint about a problem, comment or claim in connection with actual provision of Travel Services must be addressed directly to an appropriate Service Provider (tour operator, airline, insurance company, car rent company, hotel) with which you have concluded an agreement for the corresponding Travel service.

Complaints to our own services
Complaints about our own services must be made in writing and submitted within two months from the end date of your trip, please email us to receive the complaint form.

The fulfilled complaint form must be sent by regular mail or e-mail to the following address:
Mailing address:
Farelovers Travel Corporation
400, 906 12 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2R 1K7



You acknowledge that we act as an intermediary between you and the Service Provider. Under no circumstances we shall be liable for the Travel Services that you have booked with one or more Service Providers, and we shall not take the responsibility for inaccuracies in the information displayed on the Portal that is provided by a relevant Service Provider.
If a Service Provider cannot provide a Travel Service for any reason, including if a Service Provider declares bankruptcy, we can only act as an intermediary and return the amounts paid only if we have already received them from a relevant Service provider
As regards our own services, we shall be liable for damage subject to the restrictions provided for in these Terms and Conditions and to the extent permitted by the law. We are only liable for your direct damage actually incurred, paid or arising as a result of confirmed failure to fulfill our obligations for our own services up to the total cost of your booking (both for one event and for a series of interrelated events).
The limitation of liability specified in clause 10.3 also applies to breaches of obligations by


1. Flight cancellations or delays

If you enter or leave the EU or use a carrier from the EU, you may have the right to present a claim for reimbursement of expenses directly to airline in case your flight is canceled or delayed or your boarding have been denied. If you need more information about Regulation (EC) 261/2004, click here.

2. Carrier’s responsibility

Regulation (ЕС) No. 889/2002 on air carrier liability in the event of accidents. The Regulation can be found here.


We take protection of your personal data very
seriously. You can find detailed information on the collection, processing and
use of your personal data in Our Privacy Policy.


1. Governing law

The Swedish legislation applies exclusively to these Terms and Conditions and the contract between you and us.
As a consumer, you enjoy the rights stipulated by the mandatory provisions of the legislation of the country of residence. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions, including this clause 13.1, restricts your right to use such mandatory provisions of local law as a consumer.

2. Online Settlement of Disputes

The European Commission provides the platform for online settlement of disputes: ( as of: 2019-11-10)