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7 Vital Tips to Get the Best Rental Car Deal


There is nothing greater than a good road trip, especially when traveling with your loved ones. Road trips make travel cost-effective and more practical. You have the freedom of seeing a destination at your own pace and fewer restrictions.

When you travel abroad or interstate and don’t have your own vehicle, once you have booked your flights, and selected your accommodation, the next step to look for is cheap and discount car rentals

When searching online for discounted rental cars, there are a few strategies you should follow, so you end up booking your best deal.

  1. Book In Advance

You will almost always get a better deal when you book online in advance than at the counter. It is also a quick and easy way to book. The last thing you want to do after a long flight is to deal with rental car companies at the airport.

  • Check Costs Frequently

Just as you search for flights, it pays to check costs frequently as they do change. Different days can have different rates. One of the great things about car rental is that reservations often times can be cancelled and re-booked without fees.

  • Consider Your Vehicle Type

Think carefully about what type of car you require. You might get tempted to go for the big SUV, but think of fuel consumption and the practicalities of the car.

Being comfortable is imperative, so don’t choose a small car until unless you have a tight budget.

  • Age Requirement

In most places, the minimum car rental age is 21 years. Additional fees may apply with certain car rentals for a driver aged under 25 years or over 65 years.

So if you are under 25, but travelling with a companion, who is above that age, let them be the designated driver to save on this cost.

  • Adjust Pick-up and Drop-off times

When you search for discounted car rentals online, the pick-up and drop off timings will usually be half-hour incremented. Try altering these timings and see if it affects the rates.

  • Additional State Taxes and Fees

If you cross state borders or enter another country, additional state taxes and fees may apply. Don’t hide about where you are taking the car as if you have an issue you probably won’t be covered by insurance.

  • Inspect Your Car

Before driving out your rental car, you need to do a thorough inspection of the vehicle. Fill in the documentation, get a copy, and take pictures if you find any damage fill in the documentation. You don’t want to be held liable for damage you didn’t do.

Bottom Line

If you are flying to your next destination and need a cheap and discount car rentals, hope these tips come in handy and also save you both time and money. 

Role of a travel agency in getting cheap and discount car rentals!!

discount car rental

A personal car cannot accompany you everywhere. When it’s about a local trip, you can drive your drive but if it’s about another city or country, you will have to use public conveyance or take the car on rent.

Both options are great except the fact that in the public conveyance, you have to run after the vehicles and follow their time and schedule. Also, you have to bargain the rates which might spoil your mood and waste your time on the journey. So, the best hire car on rent. You will get a personal conveyance that will move on to your orders and guidance.

But the problem is how to opt for car rentals?

 First, you can browse online and search different online platforms providing rental service but chances are that you might commit mistakes and land on the wrong website.

Second, you can connect with a travel agency and get cheap and discount car rentals without complications. On booking by yourself, you might not get affordable rates for car rentals.

You might be confused about how can a travel agency help in getting Cheap and Discount Car Rentals. They can help you because:

 They offer rental service as one of their services

Not all, but a few travel agencies provide car rental service along with their core service that is far cheaper than the core service provider. In addition to their other services, they offer cheap and discount car rentals that are will be affordable for you. Also, they care for all the documentation and agreement for booking the car on rent.

Compare the car rental costs

If giving a car on rent is not one amongst the core services, they indirectly help to get offer cheap and discount car rentals. They compare the rates of the service providers on different websites, study and analyze the cost and keep the final deal before you. Sometimes, the network of a travel agency is so strong that they connect with the car rental service providers and bargain on the cost. With this, chances are high that the fare gets reduced.

Coupon codes and other discount offers

We mentioned above that a travel agency has connections with car rental service providers through which they bargain the rates but some travel agencies work with them on a commission basis. They book the car through their websites and earn a commission in return. While booking, they use the coupon codes and other discount offers provided by the service providers and thus reduce the cost.

So, with the benefits mentioned above, it is good to go with the second option. You should connect with the right travel agency and all your travel issues will be solved along with cheap and discount car rentals.