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What Are The Advantages Of Booking Cheap Hotels For Your Trip?

Booking Cheap Hotels

Most of you might just have noticed the downside of booking a cheap hotel in Canada or anywhere else in the world, but there are certain benefits of booking these cheap lodgings that have nothing to do with the bill.

First and foremost, you should not feel embarrassed or shameful for checking into a cheap hotel, no matter what kind of trip you have planned. There are two sides of a coin; some tend to look down on the mere idea of booking a cheap hotel while others tend to thrive by doing so. So, if you come under the former category, this blog will help you look at the flip side of the coin, in a better way. The following are some of the undermined advantages that booking a cheap hotel tends to provide the travelers.

  • Extended and longer stay:
    If you book a cheap hotel, you can stay for more nights than you planned earlier, which means you can extend your trip and explore the city even more. And for anyone who loves to travel and explore new places, this is quite a nice commodity and position to be in. Even if the difference is a day or two, it can turn out to be quite big and you might be able to discover that you might not have otherwise. However, if you opt to buy an expensive hotel, you are likely to plan a shorter trip and increase the chances of missing something important.
  • Affordable food:
    Staying at a cheap hotel means the food and drinks would be more affordable as compared to the expensive hotels, and there is nothing wrong with that. Many of us tend to associate the term “affordable food” with the food not being particularly delicious when in actuality that is far from the truth. After having a long day of traveling, the last thing you would want is to overspend on your meal.
  • Low expectations mean pleasant surprises:
    Just like with many things in life, going into any situation with low expectations can result in a pleasant surprise. When you book a cheap and affordable hotel, your expectations would not really be sky-high. Most of you might just expect a clean room and decent Wi-Fi from these hotels, or some of you might expect a truly horrendous experience during your stay. When you arrive at your hotel with such expectations, you would realize that it isn’t as bad as you imagined it to be.
  • Last-minute booking:
    Whether you want to book it a week earlier from your trip or just 12 hours before you leave, cheap hotels tend to always provide you with a last-minute option. Forget booking, there are times when people just show up at the hotel and are given an affordable room on the spot.

Mentioned above were just some of the many advantages associated with booking a cheap hotel instead of going with an expensive one.

Top 7 Tips To Get Cheap Hotel Rooms

Cheap Hotel

Traveling to a new place means spending a huge chunk of money on conveyance and accommodation. Hotels come with their own set of comforts, but you will have to spend more money to experience these. The better the hotel service, the higher the cost.

But you don’t have to spend a fortune on hotel bookings. A few hacks can help you get a good hotel room at cheap. Let’s take a look at these hacks:

  1. Check Fare Comparison Sites

Before booking a hotel room, make sure you check websites that offer a comparison of rates for the same hotel room by different agents. This will ensure that you don’t spend the extra cash and get the best deals. Quite a few times, these rates are cheaper than those shown on the hotel website.

  • Hotel Booking Apps

Today, there are apps that help you find cheap hotel booking. This trick comes in handy when you have to book a hotel room at the last moment. Download the hotel booking apps from the app store and keep checking them every once in a while to get the best rates.

  • Travelling Off-Season

One of the best ways to save money on accommodation is traveling during the off-season. If you have a particular hotel in mind but is out of budget, try going during the off-season. You may also get heavy discounts and many additional benefits, as there won’t be too many guests for the hotel to entertain.

  • Booking In Advance (Peak Season)

If you are traveling during the peak season, make sure that you book a room in advance. Although last-moment booking works during the off-season, you may not get decent accommodation during the peak season.

Once you decide your destination, make sure you book a hotel room at the earliest.

  • Travel During Weekdays

Weekend stays are usually more costly because more people prefer to travel during that period. If you can, book a stay for weekdays instead of the weekends. This way you will surely save on accommodation.

  • Choose a Family Room

If you are traveling with your family, you can save money by booking a bigger room that allows four to five people to stay in one room. Some hotels give a discount if you book a family room.

  • Promotional Deals

Some hotels have a newsletter and loyalty program that you can sign up for to avail discounts or promotional deals. Many hotels come up with packages during festive seasons to stay ahead of the competition. You can take advantage of these deals and get a great bargain in turn.

Keep in mind that next to plane tickets, accommodation is the biggest expense of any trip. Follow these top tips to get the cheapest accommodation booking options out there.

Surprising Benefits of Staying in Cheap Hotels!

Cheap hotel

One might think that no good can ever come with booking and staying at a cheap hotel. However, you would be surprised to know that apart from some of the downsides, there are many benefits that have nothing to do with the price of the stay at one of these Canadian cheap hotels.

You must know that there is no shame in booking a cheap hotel, regardless of the type of your trip or getaway you have planned. A majority of the people tends to look down at the idea of staying in a cheap hotel but there are some that thrive on it. If you fall into the former category then this blog would help you see these cheap Canadian hotels in a different light.

It might come off as a surprise to many of you when you would get to know about some of the benefits that you can get by staying in a cheap hotel. So let’s just dive into some of the most significant benefits that you would get by choosing cheap Canadian hotels.

  • Longer stay:
    This particular benefit is quite obvious but not many people think about it. When you stay in a cheaper hotel, you can opt to stay for more number of nights as you wouldn’t be spending much of your hard-earned money. This is a nice position to be in, as even a couple of days extra in your trip can be crucial and allow you to discover something new and unique.
  • Affordable food:
    One of the significant benefits of booking an affordable hotel is that it also comes with affordable food. To assume that “affordable” signifies the food being less delicious is not right, as in many cases affordable food is something that is tasty. After a long day of travel, the last thing on your mind should be to order food that you cannot afford, so cheap hotels provide you with good quality of food at affordable prices.
  • Last minute booking:
    Another benefit of cheap Canadian hotels is the fact that they are always available to provide you with a last-minute option, whether it is a month or a few hours before you leave. Even the people who show up at the place without any notice are entertained and given the chance to stay at these affordable hotels. So, if you think that all your hotel options are gone because you planned your trip late, then you are in the wrong as these cheap hotels would welcome you with open arms.
  • Low expectations mean pleasant surprises:
    Just like many things in life, going into a given situation with low expectations has the tendency to give you pleasant surprises. The same can be said when we talk about budget hotels. By booking a cheap hotel, you are likely to lower your expectations. However, when you arrive at your hotel, there are high possibilities of you getting more than what you had expected and getting satisfied.

By now, the misconception you had surrounding cheap and budget hotels might have been erased and you have a better idea about what are all the positive things to expect when you invest in booking a cheap hotel room.

How to find the cheap hotels on your vacation?


Are you planning your next vacation with your family and friends? If yes, then you should make all your travel and hotel bookings in advance for peace of mind. When it comes to hotel bookings, it is always very challenging to find the right accommodation in your budget. If you are traveling to a new place, getting the right hotel for your family should be your first priority for all the comfort on a holiday. If the budget is also your priority, then here’re some tips to book cheap hotels as per your requirements.

Book in advance: Flight and hotel booking should be your priority when making a travel plan. Booking hotels in advance can save some big money especially if you are traveling in a peak season. You will also get a lot of options to choose from so that you can easily find hotel rooms in your budget.

Use online search tools: You can use search tools to find the different hotels in a region to know about the best options available at the cheapest price. You can choose from different options as per your comfort, requirements, and budget.

Compare prices: In today’s internet-driven world, this is the best way to find the best and cheapest price on any things. You can compare the hotel room price in different hotels as well as the price of the same hotel rooms on different booking websites to get the best price for your hotel bookings. You can use different online tools to compare the prices of hotel rooms at a single place.

Sign-up for new user bonus: If you booking your hotels online, you can use this trick to save some money. Many hotel booking websites offer huge bonus discounts to new users on their first booking. If you have decided which hotel to book and from which website, you can create a new account to get the bonus in your account. You can use this bonus discount at the time of check out to save extra money.

Look for the coupons, offers, and discounts: You can easily find many discount coupons and offers on hotel booking on different websites. You can use these coupons to avail of some discounts on your bookings.

Bank offers on transactions: You can also avail of bank offers from your bank on your debit and credit cards during your transactions on booking websites. Many banks offer big travel discounts in collaboration with travel agencies to encourage users to make bookings through them.

These are some of the most basic tricks that you can use to save big money on your hotel bookings. Whether you are looking for cheap hotels in the USA, Canadian cheap hotels, Australian cheap hotels, or at any other place, you can easily search and find the best offers on your bookings. All you need to find the right hotel search and booking website to get the best deals and price on your hotel bookings.