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If you have been looking for the Uzbekistan Airways flight tickets at the best possible rates, then search no more. You are at the right place. We will provide you with all the pertinent details related to Uzbekistan airways and Uzairways best deals. Here, you will get details about domestic flights of Uzbekistan airways as well as Uzairways online tickets. You will also get information regarding Uzbekistan airways international flight schedules.

The national airline of Uzbekiston Havo Yullari was established way back in the year 1992. It has the headquarter at Tashkent International Airport.

It facilitates domestic as well as international flights to multiple locations. In 2000, the total number of staff employed in Uzairways was 16,296. Way back in 2014, the airline used to carry 2625 million passengers annually. Over time, a gradual decline has been noticed in the number of passengers. But cargo handling has grown manifolds with passing years.

The flagship carrier of Uzbekistan, Uzairways can take you to 58 destinations, including Beijing, Seoul, Milan, Tokyo, Madrid, etc., across North America, Asia, and Europe. When you book Uzairways online ticket, you are in for the perfect amalgamation of dining, comfort, and entertainment, that helps you make your journey a memorable one.

The fleet

Uzbekistan Airways fleet has 35 aircraft, which includes 10 Airbus and 2 A300-600F. Each of the aircraft is capable of offering the utmost comfort and modern facilities to passengers. At present, the airline is considering renewing its fleet collection. It is also looking forward to increasing its staff.


As mentioned earlier, the airline reaches out to 58 destinations around the world. Right from its establishment, the airway has always emphasized on Western Europe as well as other international locations. It covers three continents – Europe, Asia, and North America.


There are in total of 787 aircraft in Uzbekistan Airlines that provide the business class facility to the passengers. Passengers who prefer travelling by business class tickets can enjoy inflight entertainment services. You will be provided amenities like warm plaids, pillows, kits, and so on. Freshly prepared meals are also offered, accompanied by beverages, snacks, dessert, assorted wines, steaks, and so on. The seats are quite comfortable with proper legroom, extra width, headrest as well as super reclining feature.

Economy class

Travelling in the first-class section of Uzbekistan airways can indeed be a great idea. The seats have leather finish, the comfortable headrest, and super reclining features to let you relax. You will get preloaded iPads and enjoy high-quality music, movies, games, and much more. Multi-course meals, yummy snacks, and assorted beverages will turn your journey into a sumptuous affair.

First Class

Those who choose to travel by the economy class of Uzairways have access to spacious, wide, and comfortable seats. They are also given complimentary iPads for entertainment purposes. Top-quality chefs prepare delectable meals for these passengers.

Onboard Facilities

At Uzbekistan Airlines, their motto is to provide a premium experience to every passenger. They believe that to break the monotony of life, taking a break and flying to different locations can be quite helpful. While you are on the flight, you will get a plethora of options to keep yourself entertained. You can enjoy using a wide range of TV shows, games, music, etc. Sky Shopping facility is also provided.

Online booking and Check-In

You can book Uzairways online ticket by connecting with us via our customer support number. One needs to be at the airport at least 3 hours before the time of departure. The timing needed for baggage checking is around 40 minutes. Economy class passengers are allowed to carry a maximum of 20 kgs baggage. For business class passengers, the maximum limit is 30 kg. Dimensions of the luggage should not go beyond 56x45x25 cm. If you are bringing along your infant, then you must carry his or her birth certificate.

Rewards Programs and Perks

The airline operates a flyer program, known as UZ Air Plus. The goal of this program is to reward the loyal customers of Uzbekistan airlines. Being a passenger, you can earn a certain number of miles each time you book tickets for Uzairways. Your earnings depend on the class of service as well as the duration of your flight. It is possible to exchange these miles in return for rewards. You can get rewards like fare discounts, air tickets and so on.


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