China Eastern Airlines, one of the three largest airlines in China, has its headquarter in Shanghai. It is known for its world-class services to both shippers and passengers. China Eastern Airlines is a part of the SkyTeam alliance.

In-flight services

The proper arrangement is made for in-flight entertainment. There are widescreen video monitors that entertain you with a multi-channel audio-video program. It gets updated every two months. It includes 160 domestic as well as foreign movies, latest serials, sports, news, kid’s channels, games, audiobooks, and much more. It is also possible to view a real-time map of your flight. If you are traveling within Russia, then you are also entitled to free taxi reservation service.

On-Board China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines got established on 25th June 1988. Chinese Government has major stakes in the aviation company. It is the first-ever Chinese aviation company to get enlisted in the stock exchanges of New York, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.
Following is the list of prestigious awards bagged by China Eastern Airlines:

  1. Got a ranking among the top 10 Fortune China CSR ranking
  2. Golden Ting Award presented by China Capital Market Annual Conference
  3. Got a ranking among the top 50 most valuable Chinese brands

The airline offers various different services to passengers. As you book a ticket with China Eastern Airlines, you are in for a comfortable journey throughout. There is no dearth of entertainment options inside the flight. You can enjoy a plethora of movies, programs, on-demand video programs, and music.
You will also get to taste delectable cuisines during your flight.
China Eastern Airlines offer a Web check-in facility for the passengers. It saves much of your precious time, and you need not stand in long queues. It also provides you with your boarding pass even before you reach the airport.

Services and Baggage Allowance

The baggage allowance regarding free check-in and carry-on luggage depends on your destination. But the highest weight should not exceed 32 kg each in case you are travelling by first class. In the case of China Eastern Airlines business class and economy class, the maximum limit is 23 kg per baggage only.

China Eastern Economy Class Seating

If you have been looking for a value-for-money offer, then China Eastern Airlines economic class can be your ideal option. You will get amenities like in-cabin drop-down TV screens, laptop power points, etc. The seats are quite comfortable and spacious. The size of the seats is quite large. You will also experience a greater sense of privacy in the case of herringbone seats. Individual headrests and footrests further elevate the sense of comfort. Also, you can stay assured about the 32 inches of seat pitch.

China Eastern Business Class Seating

If you have booked China Eastern business class tickets, then you are in for multiple facilities and services. You can expect to experience one of the most opulent business class services across the globe in China Eastern Airlines business class. The business class seats are quite comfortable and have lie-flat feature. These seats also offer an in-built massage feature. Your entire flight experience will be highly comfortable and relaxing.

China Eastern First Class Seating

China Eastern Airlines offer the most opulent services in its first-class cabins. There are cabin crews specially dedicated to serving the first-class passengers. If you have booked CEAIR Canada first-class tickets, then you will be provided with priority check-in and boarding facilities. Also, you can relax and unwind at the first-class lounges before your China Eastern Airlines Canada takes off.

Passengers travelling by first class are welcomed by a refreshing drink as the flight takes off. You can select delectable food items and drinks from the assorted first-class menu.

For in-flight entertainment, you will get multiple options. There is a personal TV screen for each passenger. The seats have the layout of 1x2x1. Those seats which are in the private suite can be converted into a lie-flat bed. Also, you will be getting a first-class amenity kit. This kit contains all the necessary stuff that you may need during your flight, for instance, earplugs, eye mask, slippers, pajamas, toiletries, and so on.

Eastern Miles

This is sort of a flyer program which aims at rewarding the deserving passengers of China Eastern Airlines. You need to be the member of Eastern Miles. While taking flights from China to Canada or any other place in the world, passengers can earn points. These points can be redeemed while booking tickets for China Eastern Airlines Toronto or for any other route.


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