All Nippon Airways (NH) serves over 70 destinations worldwide and is Japan’s second-largest domestic and international airline. The airline focuses on creating a safe, comfortable, and attractive flying experience. Passengers can enjoy stylish services on numerous routes like Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing, Singapore, Frankfurt, London, and many more. By booking All Nippon Airways tickets with us you can save on tickets to top destinations.

All Nippon Airways Canada In-Flight Amenities

The first-class passengers of ANA are always in for a super luxurious experience starting with widest sleeper seats compared to any other airline in the world. Montreal Japan flight Business class also offers spacious seats with pillows, leg rest, and adjustable headrest and down-filled duvet. A power port, PC holder, personal light, and a high position table are provided for working comfort. Delicious meals by trained chefs and inflight entertainment systems will not let you be bored. The economy class passengers get a combination of tasty cuisines and fine wines. Regular passengers can sign up for frequent flyer programs to earn flying miles and exchange them for free trips, upgrades, priority check-in, lounge access, and more.

All Nippon Airways Canada Checked Baggage Allowance: International Flights


Unlike economy class, you can carry a maximum of 23kg

Economy class

You can carry up to 2 pieces of luggage free of cost with baggage having total linear dimensions not more than 158cm. This includes wheels and handles as well. You can carry a maximum of 23kg.

First Class

You can carry up to 3 pieces, of luggage free of cost with baggage having total linear dimensions not more than 158cm. You can carry a maximum of 32 kg per piece.

Domestic Flights

Economy Class

While there are no restrictions on the count of luggage you can carry, you can carry a maximum of 20kg. Further, the total linear dimensions of the luggage must not be more than 203cm.

Premium Class

Unlike economy class, you can carry a maximum of 40 kg luggage.

Economy Class

Right from the moment of takeoff to the moment of landing, economy class passengers enjoy a comfortable journey. Depending on the length of the flight, passengers on qualifying flights also enjoy meals or snacks. The food section below gives more information on the food provided. Pillows, blankets, stationery, and other select amenities are also provided. The economy class seats offer both space and comfort. The slim design of chairs offers more legroom with a seat pitch of 86 cms. Passengers can easily recline without bothering the passenger sitting behind due to the seat’s shell design. A touch screen seatback TV comes as a part of a personal entertainment system on long haul flights. Passengers can charge their personal devices by using in-seat USB and power charging ports.

Premium Economy

Passengers in the Premium Economy get additional comfort and extra space and enhanced services than the economy class. You will get amenity kits, a blanket, a standard pillow, slippers, toothbrush, eye masks, and earplugs. Premium class passengers enjoy a special menu which includes a carefully planned meal. Additionally, you can enjoy drinks on board. You get a spacious seat sized at 96 cm (38″) pitch, giving you greater legroom. You get recliner seats with an adjustable headrest. Each seat has a power port and USB port, an entertainment system, and adjustable light.

Business Class

A diverse luxurious cabin in the business class allows the passengers to sleep well on the airline’s flatbed or even work in comfort. Noise-canceling headphones and 18-inch personal screen constitute the free entertainment system. The fine dining experience offers both Western and Japanese cuisine, snit wear and pajamas can be availed against free rental. A pouch full of items will keep you refreshed including face wash, lotions, creams, etc. A premium pillow and blanket are also provided. Every seat has direct aisle access as the seats are arranged in a staggered format.

First Class

The first-class cabin is the epitome of luxury in terms of space, privacy, and comfort. The Airbus A 380 and the Boeing777-300ER are equipped with first-class facilities. Noise-canceling headphones and a 23-inch touchscreen is provided to passengers.


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