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Air Transat international flights started with the first flight way back in the year 1987. The first-ever flight covered the distance between Montreal to Acapulco. Air Transat has been able to create a profound impact on the landscape of Canadian leisure travel. It has bagged the highly prestigious award of World’s Best Leisure Airline in 2017. Also, in 2015-16, Air Transat provided active assistance to the Canadian government in the transportation of Syrian refugees from places like Jordan and Amman.

It is a French-Canadian carrier that is located in the primary hub of Montreal, Quebec.The airline operates its charter air service from its secondary hub – Vancouver and Toronto.

With Air Transat, you can fly to different parts of the world, including Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, the US, the Middle East, and Europe. Air Transat comes under the ownership of reputed vacation wholesaler Transat Holidays. They offer services like Air Transat vacation package, car rentals, cruises, and so on.

Air Transat international flights strictly follow the environmental norms. It believes in operating and promoting a sustainable air journey. It aims at bringing down environmental degradation by focusing on energy efficiency and curbing down on greenhouse emissions. The fleet comprises of middle-sized, narrow-bodied Boeing aircraft as well as wide-body jets.

Air Transat can be your ideal choice if you want to travel to Toronto, attend a business meeting in New York, or chill out and relax in Grenada. You will enjoy a comfortable journey as the seats are spacious, wide with ample legroom. Get ready to rejuvenate yourself by gulping down some refreshing welcome drinks. In case you are traveling to Europe, you will be provided a sumptuous meal and traveling kit.


Air Transat Economy class

Talking about the Air Transat eco standard, the economic class offers personalized service of top-notch quality to the passengers. You will enjoy the below-given facilities:

  • You can enjoy shared cabin screens in Boeing 737 and Airbus A310. If you want to experience individual touch screens, then you can opt for Airbus A330. You can choose from a wide range of lip-smacking Bistro menu, which includes snacks, light meals, sandwiches, etc.
  • You get to relax and sit back comfortably as the seats are wide and cozy. The 4-way headrest is there to give you ultimate satisfaction.
  • At present, Air Transat international flights do not provide premium economy class facilities. But you can upgrade your ticket to Option Plus. It is like the better version of economy class. There you get the freedom to choose your seat, enjoy free hard drinks, amenities like fast track security, check-in desk, and so on. Also, you will get your personalized comfort kit and warm, snuggly blankets.
Air Transat Business class

Air Transat offers another premium facility in the form of Club Cards. The services included in this section are equivalent to business class amenities offered by other airlines. By booking Air Transat business class tickets, you can travel in style. You will be allowed to carry two baggage. Also, you will get priority services at the airport, like baggage handling and check-in facilities. Once you are in the flight, you will be served a sumptuous meal prepared by the best chefs around the world. Assorted wines will make your journey all the more luxurious. Amenity kits, cozy blankets pillows, and much more will be provided to you. Seats are spacious with reclining features and headrests.

Booking of Air Transat flights

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