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Air Travel

Air India, the flag carrier of India, offers both domestic and international flights. Domestic flights in India connect not just metropolitan cities, but also small towns and cities. Air India ticket booking can be done online as well, up to forty-eight hours before the flight is scheduled. We can give you the most efficient Air India flight booking to ensure that you can avail round-the-clock customer service, excellent in-flight business class privileges like refreshments, airport lounge facilities, and similar other amenities for you to have the ultimate air-travel experience.



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Baggage allowances

As your Air India manage booking partner, we would like to let you know about the baggage regulations that flying with Air India will entail. For both domestic and international flights, the carry-on cabin baggage weight cannot exceed 8 kg and must be limited within the height, length and width dimensions of 55cm (or 22 inches), 35cm (or 14 inches) and 25cm (or 10 inches) respectively. Foldable infant-carriers can qualify as cabin luggage of the accompanying adult, or if there’s enough space available.

Weight limits of check-in baggage for each booking class are enlisted below:

  • For First Class tickets, it is 40kg.
  • For the Executive Class, it is 35kg.
  • The Economy class has a 25kg limit.
  • Infants in all classes have a 10kg allotment.

Baggage capacities for passengers of international flights are largely dependent upon the place and destination, as well as the place of the beginning of the journey. The check-in baggage weight varies between 20kg and 40kg and has to be within 62 inches or 158cm in length, breadth, and width. The economy class does not permit baggage beyond 107 inches, or 273cm. Other items gadgets, purses, handbags, coats et cetera can all be carried along with the carry-on baggage, provided that they don’t threaten security in any way.

Your In-Flight Comforts

We help you to book your tickets with Air India because it offers meals and refreshments specifically tailored for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food habits. Infant food is also available. There is an in-flight entertainment screen that can give the passenger access to many entertainment options. Music is also taken care of and it comes in many languages! The in-flight magazine, ‘Shubh Yatra’ is a mirror of India’s cultural mélange, and is quite entertaining.

Passengers who are differently-abled, elderly, or pregnant, mothers with their infant babies, and minors traveling without any adult guardian, are given special care to make sure that their flying experience is comfortable and enjoyable. Wheelchair facilities are available, as is First aid, and medical emergencies are promptly dealt with.

While pets are not allowed into the main cabin, the airline makes provisions for allowing service dogs~ with valid vaccination certificates~ for the visually impaired passengers, but this requires 48-hour notice before the scheduled departure time of the flight.



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