If you want to cut down on your expenses, making Air Canada reservations with us can be a smart move. When we talk of some of the most successful airlines, Air Canada International Flights always make it to our discussion. Air Canada or AC Airlines is the largest airline in Canada. Flying to Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec has never been so easy and effortless. You can travel to over 170+ destinations across five continents. Over 30 million passengers annually travel to the United States and different destinations across the globe with Air Canada.



Air Canada caters to the Canadian flight market as the largest provider of scheduled passengers’ services. The entire fleet of Air Canada is undergoing a sleek makeover. The 300 regional and mainline will be repainted in a bold monochrome design. The highlight of this new avatar will be the stark red maple leaf at the tail. This new design has been introduced keeping in mind the diverse Canadian seasons, its rich flora and fauna and the First Nations Heritage.

In-Flight Amenities in Air Canada International flights

Air Canada International Flights is known for its opulent in-flight facilities and services. Never for a moment during your flight you will feel bored as there are touch screen TVs. The TV provides about 600 hours of on-demand entertainment. Air Canada business class flights offer spacious seats to make the passengers feel comfortable during the journey. A plethora of options are available for meals. Absolute care is taken regarding hygiene, the freshness of food, and so on.

Air Canada Business Class

If you love to travel in private, surrounded by luxurious amenities, then the International business class pod of Air Canada will be the ideal option for you. Traveling in the Air Canada business class will offer you with an ultimate level of comfort. Just press a button, and your fully flat and comfortable bed will be ready for you. Exhaustion cannot affect you as you choose the Air Canada signature class.

Economy class

Air Canada takes care of all your needs and preferences and provides world-class services accordingly. You will be provided delectable fresh meals, wines, and spirits. Hours of on-demand entertainment will keep you engrossed throughout your journey. Also, the headrest is specially designed so that you can enjoy a comfortable sleep. To make your sleeping experience, all the cozier, Air Canada will offer premium quality blankets and pillows.

Premium Economy Class

If you are opting for Air Canada reservations in premium economy class, then you are in for exclusive services like spacious and comfortable seats, significant airport services, sumptuous meals accompanied by top-notch quality wine, and spirits.

Executive First suites

You can experience some of the most premium and deluxe facilities in Executive first suites of Air Canada. There you can have access to the aisle, convertible flatbeds, customized amenities, and much more.

Food and Beverages

  • Economy class : Air Canada international Flights economy class provides hot meals after the take-off. Pre landing hot meal and mid-flight snacks are also offered depending on the duration of your flight. Non-alcoholic beverages, spirits, and wine make your journey all the more luxurious.
  • Premium economy class : You may want to book your Air Canada reservations in a premium economy class because of the premium facilities it offers. You get the choice to select either two hot meals, salad, dessert, warm bread, or a hot, delicious breakfast accompanied by juice, pastries, yogurt, coffee, and so on.
  • International business class : Air Canada has invited celebrity chef David Hawksworth on board to cook delectable meals for the passengers of Air Canada Rouge First Class. You will experience sophisticated and innovative cuisines here.

Baggage Allowance

  • Cabin : Passengers are allowed to carry one standard carry-on baggage (maximum 55 cmx 40 cm x 23 cm) and one personal carry on article (33 cmx 16 cmx 43 cm).
  • Check-in : If you have any additional baggage or overweight articles, then you are requested to reach at the airport 120 minutes earlier than the departure time. In case your luggage exceeds the prescribed limit, you may contact the Air India Cargo.
  • Infant : If you have an infant carrying on your lap, then you are allowed to bring a piece of additional luggage for your child. Connect with our representative to book your ticket for Air Canada International flights. Our customer support phone lines are open 24 x 7